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Thursday, February 23, 2012


paella madrilena

Spice up your Valentines Day with a hot date at Poquito Mas, the only Splatino restaurant in the country. What is Splatino, you ask? . . .  It is the combination of SPanish, LATin, FilipINO Cuisine.  Feel the passionate, feast-loving personality of these Spanish-speaking regions---which introduced the “hot tamales” and “flamengco dancing”--- through its hot and savory dishes. Classic favorites such as Gambas, Salpicao, Burritos, Enchiladas, and Sisig come together under one menu . . . and also under one dish.  You can order a combination of any of these dishes, like Spanish paella with Pinoy sisig, if that is what your heart desires. Being flexible with special requests on the menu is one of Poquito Mas’s strong points.  Other special requests, like for theme decors or Latin entertainment, are also accommodated for events like Birthday Celebrations, Debuts, Club gatherings, and Corporate meetings.

“A Little of Everything”
That is the meaning behind the name of the restaurant Poquito Mas:  bit of Spanish, a bit of Mexican or Latin, and a bit of Filipino in every set meal.  Buffets are offered for lunch and dinner where customers have an opportunity to sample several dishes in one visit. The Mexican Sampler on the menu, which feeds four, is a MUST try as it offers a variety of Mexican favorites such as burritos, tacos and dumplings in one dish. Taco dumpling, a restaurant original, should also be on the list for first time visitors.

Siblings Marissa and Paolo Rodriguez explain the customer service philosophy behind their family-run business. “We build relationships with our customers.  We try to know them by name, take note of their birthdays then personally greet them.” With regards to the preparation of their menu, Paolo, Marketing Director of Poquito Mas, explains: “Every dish is first tested by the family. Most of the dishes that pass and end up in the menu are someone’s favorite at home”

A Southern Appeal
Located in Alabang, with a branch in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Poquito Mas is a cozy, Spanish villa-styled restaurant that offers Makati and Ortigas residents a change from the hustle and bustle of city life to a quiet, country-like ambience.  Its location, being somewhat out of the way for non-South residents, adds to its charm of being a relatively little known place for a privileged few to share.
Perhaps one’s first reaction may be hesitation to enter as its building design projects that of a fancy restaurant.  Don’t let looks deceive you.  Despite its shabby chic appearance, its prices are really quite reasonable.  With a full meal that will cost you around P600 for a pair, you still have extra for a couple of drinks.  Poquito Mas offers mouth-watering meals at a price range that you wouldn’t believe.

 For those who don’t have romantic dates, celebrate the season of love with a good friend or a family member/s.  Since love is in the air, this is a good time to reunite with long-time buddies to express your love and appreciation to them for being a part of your life. 

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