Monday, October 15, 2012

High Rise Sunsets at theGrand Riviera Suites

Wouldn’t  you want to wrap up your day gazing at a glorious sunset while sipping your favorite cocktail drink with a good friend? Viewing the vista of a  sunset is an­­­ uplifting, inspiring, and humbling moment.  Living at the Grand Riviera Suites, you get to experience this every day.  Imagine getting home from work exhausted and stressed out then being greeted by the famous Roxas Boulevard sunset if you get home by 5pm.

The bloggers were given a chance to experience the feeling even for just a few hours last October 6 and 13 with a tour of the place and a photo competition of the best sunset shot. During the October 6 photo shoot, the sun was not as cooperative as we hoped for.  But we finally witnessed the grandeur of the sunset in the 49th floor of the building when we returned October 13.  After the golden hour, which occurred around 4:45, we were amazed at how fast the sun began to sink behind a mountain by the sea. So now after posting our shots, the decision as to who wins the best sunset shot is up to you. Our online readers will get to decide who will win. 

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