Friday, January 11, 2013

Picasso: More Heart, More Fun at this Business Man’s Hotel

Consider this hotel like a young businessman, ready to take on the world, hardworking, yet knows how to loosen up and have fun on the weekends.  Well that’s how John David Cruz, the young General Manager of Picasso describes the hotel he runs, which also happens to be the profile of its clientele. 

He is proud to say that although Picasso may not be in the same league as the International hotel chains, the hotel can sure give them a run for their money in the Makati Business District.  This unassuming boutique hotel offers the same luxuries and conveniences any large hotel can offer a businessman.   Thus, there is a constant influx of business travellers  to take residence at the Picasso for a few days at any given month.

So what makes this hotel stand out from the regular hotels?  “The spacious rooms, the location  and the personalized service the hotel can offer each new client,” answers Mr. Cruz.  This apparently is the lure of the hotel as they attract 80 % corporate accounts with the other segments  (OTA’s, TTA’s) direct bookings)  accounting for the other 20%. 

What makes Picasso tick ?  The heart and soul of Picasso is in its management and staff.  When employees enjoy going to work every day and consider their daily tasks not as a job but rather a responsibility and a mission, then the hotel is destined to have an atmosphere that is inviting and  a culture that is friendly and sincere .  Being run by a young team, the company is innovative, creative, and forward-looking with problem-solving and its vision.

I engage my team in the decision making process , I welcome and encourage feedback and open communication. When they are involved, they are more committed to seeing out the success of the initiative. Furthermore, when we do succeed, those involved have a greater sense of accomplishment – because they are a part of the process rather than just following directives” explains Mr. Cruz on his “hands-on”management style.

“I focus heavily on employee satisfaction and I extend “unusual perks” to the team – from movie nights to pizza parties to developing an Employee Lounge complete with refreshments, TV’s, couches and fooz ball, where we all can take a break from the stresses of our jobs.” he adds, being a firm believer that happy employees translate to positive results..

Being in the service industry, Mr. Cruz expects his team to extend the same great service that he  extends to them. “Everyone is a VIP, whether they are internal or external guests. If my staff has not experienced good customer service from within the organization, how can I expect them to provide good service to our external guests? It all boils down to the basics of human relations. We all know how good it feels to be recognized for our accomplishments. Conversely, we all know how bad it feels to be degraded. I treat everyone, regardless of position, with the same level of courtesy and respect. It doesn’t matter if you are the President or a Housekeeper; You are my guest and I am here to serve you.”

 As a responsible business establishment, Picasso does its share of caring for the environment in small efforts that would make a huge difference if all the other hotel companies would do the same painless step such as:

  • ·     Switching halogen lights to LED lights
  • ·     Opt-out linen program, where extended stays guests have the option to opt-out of daily     linen changes
  • ·      Reducing disposable items, opting for reusable items instead like paper/plastic cups to glass, plastic stirrers to spoons
  • ·      Recycling damaged linens to rags
  • ·      Turning lights off when not in use
  • ·      Donating condemned linens (towels, sheets, robes, etc.) to those in need
  • ·      Minimizing printed materials, going paperless
  • ·      Recycling paper for printouts
The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences
119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village
Makati City, Philippines 1227
T. +63 2 828.4774
F. +63 2 828.9141

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