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Saturday, May 11, 2013

No Water, No Moon for Polyeast Just Bamboo and a Grand Carousel

After meeting Bamboo for the first time, it was clear that he is devoted to his craft, humbly considering himself as just one of the band members, and is really a shy and simple person.  When someone jokingly said he was perceived as suplado, Bamboo was shocked at that revelation and explained laughingly that he was just shy.  I believe so as he seems a bit fidgety around people.

What struck me as he responded to questions from the press was how he kept re-focusing the attention from him to his band, saying he is just one of the band members. The star is really the band. He values his band members a lot, considering himself as nothing without them.  To me, he comes across as a nice, simple,shy guy who just wants to be remembered as a good family provider.

Hear what he has to say about schooling, and what learnings he can share to the newbies in the video below.
Bamboo's performed his new single "Carousel" and other songs from the album NO WATER NO MOON  during a presscon held last April at Tomas Morato, Quezon City.   Distributed by PolyEast Record, the album is available in stores starting May 2013.
"Carousel", produced and written by Manalac, features a pulsating and anthemic drum beat along with haunting vocals that Manalac is known for. While the song was recorded by Manalac in Manila, final mastering was done in California by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters as well as the other songs in the album. The song was launched on radio in April 22 and expected to release its music video soon.

Manalac said “It (Carousel) speaks of inspiration and finding oneself by going back. As the refrain starts “remember before….rush hour…” and that once you do open that door it’s a hard thing to close.  And that “home” for me isn’t a place but it’s me finding meaning in what I do what drives me to dare, be confident and continuing to look for that spark… and that is home.”

Asked about Carousel’s lyrical wordplay with children singing the background chanting “I’m home…” he recalls “…’the nursery line’ which brings you back to a special time in your life. For the choruses, I also put into lyric of the images and the idea that we’re here to not think of the “perfect storybook ending” but to live and take the present…”

No Water No Moon marks Manalac's first solo album and was originally released in 2011 and crept to Gold record status in February 2013. Producing the chart-topping hits that made his comeback as one of the most anticipated albums of 2011, NO WATER NO MOON produced the singles “Questions” “Spin”, Ikot ng Mundo” and “In This Life.” The same album gave him another taste of victory at the 25th Awit Awards for the Best Performance by a Male Recording Artist award for his song "Questions."

For more information, you may log onto www.polyeastrecords.com or follow Bamboo updates on facebook.com/Polyeastrecords or twitter.com/PolyeastRecord 


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