Friday, December 6, 2013

Come to the Festive Art Fair at Greenfield December 7and 8

Press Release:

ARTiculation: A story of legacy told through visual masterpieces

A built legacy that has endured the tests of time is a story worth sharing. It serves to inspire the current generation to pave their own road towards excellence as it imparts a variety of lessons earned from moments of struggle and triumph.

For real estate developers, there can be no greater legacy to secure than successfully nurturing parcels of land into vibrant landscapes where people and lifestyles thrive in progress. This achievement stands as a fitting reward for the dedication shown by remarkable individuals who champion urban progress—a form of artistic creativity that weaves cultures, beliefs, and innovative thinking to nurture a diverse yet unique community.

Such has been the story of Greenfield Development Corporation. As one of the country’s pioneering developers, Greenfield prides itself with its 50-year legacy of building innovative communities for the next generation that are truly a cut above the rest.

“Throughout the years, Greenfield has been constantly developing and sharing these treasures by turning them into vibrant and thriving communities that stand the test of time,” says Jeffrey D. Y. Campos, Chairman and President of Greenfield Development Corporation. “In all of our endeavors, what we aim for really is to build communities for future generations by working with nature and employing the latest technologies.”

Art that speaks of heritage and the future
In continuing to cultivate this vision, Greenfield is advancing its commitment to the land as it hosts Arts for Generations, a two-day art fair celebrating creativity that transcends generations.

“Art for Generations aims to bring the local art community and the public together in a celebration of creativity, traditions, and heritage through activities and exhibits that exude the joy and heritage of the Yuletide season,” shares Campos. He added that the concept of the festivity draws inspiration from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Story” by celebrating stories from the past, the gifts of the present, and the possibilities of the future.

Staged in partnership with various art groups, the outdoor art fair—a first at the Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City—aims to foster greater public appreciation for local contemporary art and craftsmanship through a variety of activities.

“The Filipino brand of art is a rich showcase of creativity and imagination,” says Campos. “With this event, we aim to help make the rich lessons of our past become the anchor of how we can shape the future of our communities.”

What is Christmas without shopping and entertainment? As part of the art fair, hundreds of unique vintage and contemporary pieces from the country's emerging and independent creative labels and individuals will be featured at The Art Market. Guests can also watch art films on an outdoor movie screen while enjoying the cool December breeze at Art Films in the Sky.

Those who share the passion for art, meanwhile, can learn which art pieces work best for their homes through art appreciation talks spearheaded by noted artists at The Right Art. Also, visitors at the District will also be serenaded by a string quartet and jazz band as they leisurely shop for art pieces and gifts at String and Jazz.

“Beyond being a pioneering art event, Art for Generations gives people a glimpse into the unique experience of being part of the Greenfield District family—a community of creative people with an innovative vision,” says Campos. “Through this, we hope to help enliven the season by reminding people of the heritage, legacy, and joy that Christmas brings.”

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