Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MYMP's Electrified Actually Soothes the Soul

Sweet guitar sounds, songs of the past, MYMP brings back old melodies softened with guitar plucking.  I just love listening to MYMP's familiar, romantic, mood-enhancing melodies.

New lead singer Jana Laraza brings in the sweet, young voice that is a  perfect match with lead guitarist and founder of the band, Chin Alcantara's masterful guitar strumming.  You wouldn't imagine that this gentle-music-playing guitarist is really a rock-type of guy but Chin admits that if given a chance he would like to take his guitar on a wild spin.  But because his fans and followers still enjoy and clamor for the soft music he is known for, he just has to play down his dream until the day the fans want something new and drastic.

In the meantime, listen to the tireless music of MYMP as they present their latest album "Electrified". Now available nationwide.  In case you are wondering what the initials in their band name stands for, it means Make Your Momma Proud.  And I am sure their music does exactly that even to the rest of the Pinoys.

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