Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sound, Smell, Sight, Feel, and Taste of Tocarre Spa

Feels like heaven. But you don't have to die to get there. Enter the sensual world of Tocarre Spa, located in the heart of Makati.   All your senses will be activated the moment you arrive.

Start at the Hearing Station where you can select from among harmonies which best sets you in a relax state. The sound of peace and tranquility will calm your stressed out mind before you move on to the Smell Station.  Here you decide what scent reinforces your relaxed state or rejuvinates your soul.

The Sight Station almost completes your tranquil mood and begins your journey to the world of sensual pleasure.

From here, you are given the freedom to concoct your own rub from plant herbs, fruits, dairies, tea leaves, and even coffee grinds based on how you feel.  There are experts who will mix and recommend ideal combinations and  right dosage for the effect you desire.  Would you prefer being relaxed or would you rather be re-energized?

Would you prioritize moisturizing your skin, rejuvinate your system, or simply calm your mind?  Advice early on what your goals are so the staff can direct you to the proper treatment so you can leave with the best possible experience.

Clean massage rooms, changing rooms, shower rooms, sauna and jacuzzu help keep you in that out-of-this world experience even for just an hour or so.

Try the footspa with your choice of rubs before sending your body for a luscious massage.  Wake up refreshed and have a snack at the Taste Station before you leave.  Now you are ready to face the world again.

 Tocarre Spa is located at 4/F Best Western Antel Plus Hotel Makati Avenue, Makati . For appointments or inquiries, you can call 555-1232 or 403-0808 loc. 2050.  You can also visit their website at http://www.toccarespa.com.ph/

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