Monday, March 23, 2015

ASEAN Festival and Performing Arts Exchange launched at the CCP

Press Update:
THE first ASEAN Performing Arts Market was held recently in Manila, offering opportunities for networking, showcasing of performance samplers and business matching of ASEAN performances within the ASEAN region and with the world.

Contemporary, traditional, as well as innovative works by emerging and seasoned ASEAN artists in music, dance and theatre were featured.

The three-day event was designed for ASEAN performing arts and cultural centers, festivals and performing arts professionals and groups to network, showcase, pitch performances and seasons, engage in business matching, and to enrich the ASEAN creative industry. As the region aims to establish an ASEAN Community in 2015, the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) emphasizes on activities such as this program to promote ASEAN awareness and a sense of community, among other aspects.

The ASEAN Performing Arts Market was implemented initially in Manila, Philippines to coincide with the Annual Pasinaya: Open House Festival at the CCP, and with the implementation of the first Fringe Manila.

Succeeding ASEAN Performing Arts Markets are seen to follow this launch in different ASEAN countries performing arts festivals. (Photo by Orly Daquipil)

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