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Monday, May 20, 2013

How Do I Love Adobo . . .Let Me Count The Ways

 Adobo is a dish every Filipino is familiar with.  If there was a national dish, Adobo would be it.  From day to day meals to fiestas and special occasions, Adobo will always be a part of Filipino culture and cuisine.  As part of the tourism aspect of HRAP’s Chefs on Parade, held last February 28 to March 3, 2013, an Adobo Challenge was held wherein foreign guest chefs were to showcase their creative interpretation of the recipe. 

Chef Robby Goco, one of the supervising chefs, explained that the variations would be more on “technique, protein, and flavourings” as the basic recipe calls on meats “cooked in vinegar and added flavourings.”

The challenge, which was more of an exhibit than a competition, presented different yummy ways to do adobo using ingredients native to foreign countries.
The Adobo Singapore, by Chef Allan Chan, included smoked bacon and mushrooms  and had a taste of mint tomato and coconut pandan.  Chicken Adobo “Chinese Lou Mei” Style by Chef Alex Chong, had strong flavours of ginger and chili and was served with fried tofu and rice.  Chef Christophe Allain, who did the French version of the recipe, included sweet potato puree to give an interesting twist to the recipe.  The German-ized Adobo by Chef Dirk Fiedler, had a rich, buttery edge to his creation by making use of quail meat, foie gras and bacon fat.  Chicken adobo Tuscan Style by Chef Mervyn Whitfield was simplistic in his technique of boil and fry yet the flavour was something you want to keep coming back for more. He presented the dish with sautĂ©ed potatoes. 

 I was fortunate to be one of the media representatives to try the dishes and I was pleased to learn that adobo cooked in these variations was as delectable as ever.  I couldn’t forget the flavour of the Gernan-ized version with foie gras because of its rich, butter-like flavour.  The Tuscan-style adobo had no sharp flavours but it is a recipe that i won’t mind eating every day.  The Asian versions were true to its nature with the element of ginger, sweet chili and tofu quite prominent. Singapore’s braised pork belly and chicken roulade with bacon and mushroom will make you stand up and take notice.

Some of the recipes will be posted soon so you can taste what I mean.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HRAP Launches Chefs on Parade 2013

Press Update:

The Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP) is proud to host the 28th edition of Chefs on Parade (COP) at the SMX Convention Center on February 28 to March 3, 2013. Launched by HRAP at Resorts World Manila’s Passion Restaurant last December 4, COP 2013 is set to be the grandest yet in its history. Celebrity master chefs have confirmed their attendance and there will be more attractions packed into the four-day extravaganza.

Chefs on Parade is a culinary festival with a trade exhibit, cooking demonstrations, food workshops and seminars and other gastronomic-related activities. COP’s main highlights are the numerous competitions for students and professionals. This HRAP-initiated endeavor began in 1974 as a simple food display. Through the years, COP has become a major national event.

It was held yearly from 1979 to 2000, and every two years from 2000 to 2004. It was then discontinued to due financial challenges. After a seven-year absence, HRAP brought back COP in 2011 to a huge success! Over 26,000 visitors trooped to the venue SMX Convention Center. This number includes about 600 contestants from the Philippines and ASEAN countries, plus almost a hundred guest chefs.

“We expect the same warm response as we stage Chefs on Parade 2013,” declares Philippe Bartholomi, Overall Chairman of COP 2013. “We made a great impact in 2011. For the industry and the public, Chefs on Parade is the most important hospitality and culinary event in the Philippines. We will present a world-class program. Our goal is to show that the Philippines can organize a great food show.” 

COP 2013 will again have an “international flavor.” Among the foreign master chefs who will conduct demos and judge at the competitions is Singapore-based Belgian chef Emmanuel Stroobant, host of the Asian Food Channel’s successful show Chef in Black and the currently airing 36 Ways to Live. Stroobant graced COP 2011. Impressed with COP’s grand-scale and the Filipinos’ enthusiasm, he has decided to return next year. “It is rare to see to see this (high) level of professionalism,” Stroobant said of Filipinos at COP 2011.

Two chefs from the renowned Alain Ducasse international restaurants—Jerome Lacressioniere and Marc Chalopin―will be flying in from Paris to Manila just for COP 2013. Alain Ducasse is an internationally-recognized chef and restaurateur who holds 18 Michelin stars for his establishments from NY to Tokyo, and three stars in Paris, Monte Carlo and London. (A Michelin star is a seal of a high standard of dining given by the Michelin Guidebook.) . “We feel privileged to have chefs from Alain Ducasse for COP 2013,” says Chairman Bartholomi.     

Lacressioniere, also an author, will have a book-signing activity at COP. Chalopin is part of Ducasse Education and supervises the culinary program of Manila’s Enderun Colleges. Both chefs will conduct demos on French cuisine and judge COP competitions. The Puratos Group, worldwide supplier of baking and chocolate ingredients, will be bringing in a master baker and a pastry chef from Belgium to support COP. 

There will be a total of 30 mixology and culinary competitions on both professional and student categories. Four of which are new to COP: Breakfast-Making, Ice-Carving, Flair-Tending and Dream Team. “The Dream Team contest which is for students is actually interesting,” says Chef Gabby Prats, Chair of COP 2013’s Competition and Judging Committee. The challenge involves two members who will be in charge of cooking a meal and two more who will take care of the table set-up and wine-pairing. “It’s a dream that you perfect the ‘front of the house’ aspect and the ‘back of the house’ aspect,” says Chef Gabby.

Add to all these a 286-booth trade exhibit that will feature for the first time a Wine Avenue (showcase of a wide selection of local and international wines and spirits), and an Artisanal and Organic Food Avenue (a remarkable gathering of organic produce and artisan food), and the conferment of the second Larry J. Cruz award to an outstanding Filipino in the culinary field ― and you’ve got a Chefs on Parade 2013 that’s bursting with yummy ideas and tasty treats! 
COP 2013 is supported by sponsors De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, Meat & Livestock Australia, NestlĂ© Professional, Del Monte, Oleo-Fats, the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Kitchen Aid; and partners Trade Net Events and Management International, Allied Metals, Enderun Colleges, the Asian Food Channel, GMA News TV, Total Gaz, Imacron, The Puratos Group, Resorts World Manila, Allegro Beverage, Liquid and Liquid Creations, Plan Z, Manila Bulletin, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Hospitality News Magazine, Olive Magazine, and Flavors Magazine. More  sponsors and partners will be coming in as the event draws nearer.

For more information about Chefs on Parade 2013, contact the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines secretariat at tel. 816-2421, fax 816-2419, email secretariat@hrap.org.ph or hrap@pldtdsl.net, or check out www.hrap.org.ph/cop, www.chefsonparade.org, and www.facebook.com/chefsonparade.
Eugene Yap, HRAP President

Philippe Bartholomi, Overall Chairman of COP 2013.

Ramon Jimenez, DOT head


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