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Thursday, July 11, 2013

SuperDynamism Ongoing at Picasso Until August 2

 Immerse yourself in art that is full of energy and action at the Altro Mondo of the Picasso Hotel with Enrique Tabuena’s Superdynamism Art.  The exhibit will keep your mind on high alert “characterized by stimulating unpredictability and controlled chaos” as you decipher, wonder,imagine, what the paintings are telling you. With colors that arouse your emotions and images that keep you guessing, the paintings feel like they are calling out to you, teasing and playing with your senses.  
Superdynamism is a style that incorporates the qualities of action painting and line drawing. It uses all the elements and energy of various art forms, blending these disciplines seamlessly into a new and energized fluid form. Words may not be enough to capture the essence of this art form as the synergy of the images produce an effect that only the imagination can understand.  This kind of art is meant to be experienced so visit the Altro Mondo at the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences for a piece of art in contradiction, in action, and in chaos.  The exhibit is ongoing until August 2. For more information about the exhibit and art, visit www.tabuenaartscentral.com.


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