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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Olives: A New Romantic Restaurant Tucked in a Private Hideaway of Nature

Have you ever had one of those days when you just wanted to do something new, like take a long drive out of the Metro and have dinner or lunch in a cool, scenic restaurant? Or perhaps go on spur-of-the-moment overnight adventure?  Summer has this way of making you do things you don’t usually do.  Maybe it’s the heat, who knows.  Well, here is a suggestion you may want to consider.

There is this newly opened Tuscan-themed restaurant in Thunderbird Casino and Resorts at Binangonan, Rizal called “Olives” that has a wonderful sunset view plus a romantic skyline view at night.  It’s glass walls make you feel like you are eating outdoors, al fresca, minus the summer  heat.  Fresh ingredients and flavors that can even be customized for your palate . . . there is nothing that the ever-accommodating Executive Chef Mike Gross will refuse for you.  He is among the family-friendly staff of Thunderbird Casino and Resorts which include GM Mike Diopenes, Casino Marketing Head Brent Fernandez, and VP for Business Development Fabio Moretti. 

I suggest you take the drive before 4pm to avoid the Makati traffic via C6 in Bicutan then take that hour-long leisure,  scenic drive along Laguna lake to clear the mind.  By the time you get there, you will catch the glorious sunset as it filters through the glass walls. Order some coffee or cocktail drinks and pizza while you take in the view.  Why not take a walk along the poolside and around the hotel before having your Olives scrumptious dinner buffet.  Conversation is but an alternative to just sitting around and enjoying the ambiance. 

And if you prefer to go solo for some “me-time” or computer work, then the quiet surroundings and inspiring view will surely keep you in good spirits to finish your work within the day.  You will never feel alone because the staff, manager, and chefs are usually around to check on you if you are enjoying your stay.   Sometimes you don’t realize the time and it’s already almost midnight when you check your watch.  Then why leave already? Check in their comfy rooms with refreshing showers.  If you don’t feel sleepy yet, linger in the porch area to enjoy nature’s uplifting view while listening to jazz or romantic ballads.

Here is another great thing, you don’t even have to drive to Olives or Thunderbird Casino and Resort if you don’t want to.  They have free shuttle service scheduled every hour at several locations, check their website for schedules at  http://www.thunderbirdresortsrizal.com/free-shuttle-service/ Consider it a home away from home for a date, family get-away, business meeting, private work place, or simply me-time. 

I will let you in on a little secret, this latest development of Thunderbirds Casino and Resort in Rizal is just one of the many new additions to expect.  More to come.  Visit their website www.thunderbirdresortsrizal.com for updates.


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