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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Counting 14 New Ways To Love Krazy Garlik

“Love is merely a madness . . .” Perhaps if Shakespeare were alive today writing his world-famous love story over lunch or dinner at Krazy Garlik while busily tapping on his laptop, he would have kept Romeo and Juliet alive and well, happily together in the end.  Methinks, he must have been skipping meals then so he was cranky and just wanted to end the story right away.  I mean, why would any writer want his readers to be depressed, unless he was in a bad mood too.  That’s what happens when you write on an empty stomach . . . a romantic tragedy.

A satisfying, sumptuous meal especially one with lots of garlic may just be the trick to keep you from being negative. Garlic is the elixir of life, dishes without garlic is plain boring to me.  Luckily, I had the good fortune of trying Krazy Garlic’s new dishes. Though the name of the restaurant is Krazy Garlic, overall, the dishes are for general palates so everyone can enjoy.  For garlic lovers like me, you have the option to add more garlic to your dishes as they serve roasted garlic in small platters.  And I do go strong with garlic.  “Such is my love, to thee I so belong, That for thy right myself will bear all wrong”. But that’s just me, a crazy garlic-lover.

How do I love Krazy Garlic, let me count the ways . . .
One, Creamy Garlik Hummus. This creamy appetizer will  liven up your taste buds without bloating you up.  This dish is a combination of chickpeas and sesame paste served with a soft tortilla and freshly baked sourdough bread.

Two, three, four, great tasting garlicky salads to choose from. The Asian Chicken salad with the soft tortilla chips and grilled chicken, the Kickin’ Krazy salad with romaine lettuce mixed with homemade wasabi topped with chicken fillet, and the Roasted Tomato salad with mesclun greens, roasted tomatoes, dried figs, feta cheese, and cashew nuts tossed in homemade garlic vinaigrette dressing topped with black olives and croutons.  Whoever said that salad is boring must have their heads checked or simply visit Krazy Garlic for their tasty greens.

Five, six, seven, eight, Meat Lovers Delight section. The BBQ riblets a mouthwatering plate of grilled riblets served with special barbeque sauce and garlic marble potatoes. The Garlik Oxtail and Chorizo Paella cooked to perfection in a medley of red bell peppers, black olives, and roasted garlic. The Hot Pot Pie with Puff Pastry is a hearty and creamy chicken hot pot with chorizo, white onion, and roasted bell pepper covered with golden puff pastry.

Nine, the new addition in the Finest From The Sea section. Crispy Fried Fish is deep fried to crispy brown fish sautéed with black bean sauce served with garlic mango salsa.

Ten and eleven, new pasta dishes. The Seafood spaghetti with shrimp and mussels tossed in roasted bell peppers, and the Creamy Chorizo and Sausage for hearty pasta meals.

Twelve,  Krazy Garlik’s Seoul rice. It’s simple Korean-style spicy fried rice with beef strips, bean sprouts, sesame seeds and Nori---basically everything you will look for in fried rice.

Thirteen and fourteen, desserts. The Krazy Mess is a luscious combination of layered frozen raspberry, Nata de Coco, homemade meringue, whipped cream, and strawberry ice cream. The Affogato Trifle is a bittersweet blend of coffee jelly, meringue, whipped cream, and vanilla topped with a hot espresso shot.

 “What made me love thee? let that persuade thee. there's something extraordinary in thee. I cannot: but I love thee; none but thee; and thou deservest it.”

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

“After All this Time” A fun Album from the Unforgettable Itchyworms

Stop scratching, I know you are itching for something new so here it is.  The Itchyworms have launched their  fourth full-length studio album which contains six bonus tracks aside from the ten main tracks.  These include the current single “Ayokong Tumanda”, the title track “After All this Time”, and a remake of the classic Juan de la Cruz song “Panahon”. 

The launch with meet-and-greet was held April 5 at the Centris Walk Activity area where fans clapped and swayed to the upbeat melodies and sang along to the fun, funny lyrics.  When fans grow fond of a band, every song in their album is a favorite too.

If there is one thing that I remember most before meeting the band members, is that they can hold the attention of a big crowd (an open field type of venue) which not many local bands can achieve.  In an event held last year at the Circuit in Makati,  the only band that made me laugh and pay attention to their spiels is The Itchyworms.  They know how to deliver their jokes in good taste.  So aside from great music, I believe their strength is also in having a good rapport with the crowd.  

Unlike some whose fame got in their heads and started disrespecting their fans, these are boviously headed downhill especially with scandals that re-focus the public's attentioin to their personal life instead of their music. Just saying.  Let this be a lesson to the new ones.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Glass Art, Coffee, Taal Lake ,and More at Museo Orlina

Tagaytay is a common weekend destination for Metro Manila residents because of it's distance.  Compared to other tourist destinations which is an 8-hour drive away or more, Tagaytay is just next door.  About an hour's drive from the city when traffic is not  heavy.  Because city dwellers go there quite often, the get bored with the same old place to spend time there.  Well, here's a new place to go . . .  Museo Orlina, home of internationally-renowned glass sculptor Ramon Orlina.

This multi-level museum houses most of Mr. Orlina's famed glass art works, paintings, and other forms of art including cars and landscape sculpture.  It has a coffee shop at the roofdeck called Greenbean  when you simply just want to relax, take in the view, enjoy the cool weather, and have an intimate chat with a friend or two.

The ampitheater in the garden is open for special shows or private events, read on below for more information about the museum, the man behind it, and the foundation.

Museo Orlina is the showcase of the artistry of internationally acclaimed Ramon Orlina, pioneer and foremost practitioner of glass sculpture in the country. Before Orlina, glass was largely appreciated only for its utilitarian function: as drinking vessels, window glass panes or automotive windshields. A visionary, Orlina saw beyond the humble origin of this industrial glass residue. The result is an exultant body of works that, through the decades, have dazzled the art scene and prized by numerous collectors. Triumphantly, Orlina has transformed the medium by elevating it to the dignity and respectability of art.

The Museo Orlina opens its door to the public, where they can view superb examples of Ramon Orlina’s scintillating artistry to their delight and enchantment.

All the Museum Levels are named after Orlina’s children. One enters LEVEL 1 NAESA his eldest daughter to the Reception Lobby.

Also situated here is the Reflections Gallery. It is a choice space devoted to changing exhibitions, reflecting the vitality and dynamism of contemporary Philippine art.  The exciting plurality of various styles, themes and directions is singular proof of the Filipino artists’ genius, renewal and re-invention.

The Reflections Gallery spills onto the LOWER LEVEL that opens up through adoorway to the sculpture garden.

Named after Orlinas’ second daughter, LEVEL 2 NINGNING contains two galleries. One gallery exhibits the early pieces that paved distinct directions to the immense potentiality of glass. The other gallery  exhibits his more recent works, a veritable treasure trove of unrivalled Orlina masterpieces.
Named after the youngest of the Orlina daughters, the LEVEL 3  ANNA gallery showcases the maquettes and photographs of Orlina’s monumental indoor and outdoor works here and abroad over a span of three decades.

MICHAEL ROOFDECK : Named after the único hijo, the only male Orlina progeny, the windswept terrace opens up to the Museum with a view of the Taal lake and volcano.
Herein situated is Greenbean Café where one may enjoy a perfect cup of organically grown coffee, with no chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers used. Now you can take your coffee… green!

SCULPTURE GARDEN AND AMPHITHEATER- Wide, exhilarating outdoor space is the perfect pedestal for solid sculptural forms nestled on their own earthbound haven.- On stage are theatrical, dance and musical presentations rounding off a wholistic artistic experience at Museo Orlina.

Museo Orlina displays automotive vehicles that literally served as canvas for Ramon Orlina, National Artist BenCab and Elmer Borlongan. When careening down the highway, these cars are transformed into virtual kinetic rolling sculptures.

The Museo Orlina Foundation, which consists of a  Board of Directors whose select members are experts in their  professional fields, oversees the planning of activities and events  that further enhance the museum’s role as an artistic center.  The museum is committed to support and promote public interest,  awareness, knowledge, education, understanding and enjoyment of modern and contemporary art (visual art) in the Philippines and abroad.

To this end, the Foundation aims to: develop and preserve a permanent collection of original works of art, useful for both research and display; present temporary exhibitions of the highest artistic merit; present educational programs of significant importance; sustain a library and archives for research; and support scholarship and publications of intellectual merit.

Orlina’s contribution to society both to its spirit  and  the economy, is witnessed by the major commissions he has received. The first, ARCANUM XIX, Paradise Gained, greeted me in the foyer of the  Silahis Hotel on the first day of my first visit to the Philippines in 1976. In the 1970s, few large-scale contemporary glass works existed anywhere in the world. This work gave the lie to the popular notion that contemporary glass was a creature of Europe and North America (the work is now on loan to the National Museum).Dr. Gerry King is an internationally known Australian artist and designerworking in contemporary glass. He is also an author, lecturer, workshopleader and consultant. Taken from BluPrint Special Issue on Global Pinoy.

Museo Orlina Interactive Display System
Museo Orlina is now accessible and engaging for everyone with this interactive system where visitors can interact with system's content on the screen. You can choose from more than a dozen applications in the start menu. Select the files you desire to show and then move, resize and rotate your media, videos and pdf documents with an ease of a touch. Draw on your media items and save including notes in a data folder.

Visitors interested in PDF versions of the Orlina files can view these on the screen and requests them directly. No need for brochures, selected PDF files can be mailed (by notification), printed or copied directly to a USB drive. 

GENERAL INFORMATION          Operating hours:Tuesdays to Sundays 10:00 AM to 6:00 PMClosed on Mondays, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Admission:General: PHP 100.00Students and senior citizens with valid ID: PHP 80.00 Note:• Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Museum.• Still photography for personal use is permitted.    No flash or tripods allowed. No photographs or videotapes    may be reproduced, distributed, or sold without permission    from the Museum.• Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the Museum. Food   and drinks are permitted only in Greenbean Café and may not be   carried into the galleries or other areas.

For inquiries, please contact:Museo OrlinaHollywood Subdivision Rd., Brgy. Tolentino East, Hollywood Subd.,Tagaytay CityMs. Haidee BedruzMobile No.  : +63 906 434 0862Tel. No :  (046) 413 2581/ email :   info@museo-orlina.org/ Website :   www.museo-orlina.org
Manila office:Orlina AtelierMs. Mhalou PeñasTel. Nos.  :  (02) 781 5918 / 781 9471Telefax     :  (02) 749 6439email               :   orlina@pldtdsl.net website   :   www.orlina.com

Cinemalaya 2014 Short Film Category Finalists Announced

 Press Announcement:

The Cinemalaya Foundation has announced the finalists for the Short Film Category for the 2014 Cinemalaya Competition.

The ten finalists in the Short Film Category are:  Asan si Lolo Me by Sari Estrada, Lola by Kevin Ang, Indayog ng Nayatamak by Joris Fernandez, Eyeball by Thop Nazareno, Padulong sa Pinuy-Anan (Going Home) by Fedwelyn Villarba Sabolboro, The Ordinary Things We Do by David R. Corpuz, Nakabibinging Kadiliman by Paolo O’Hara, Mga Ligaw na Paru-paro by J.E. Tiglao, Ina-Tay by Chole Ann A. Veloso and Tiya Bening by Ralph Aldrin L. Quijano.

The short feature category finalists were selected by the Cinemalaya Selection Committee comprised of Emilio Abello, VI, Teddy Co, Nic Deocampo, Eduardo Roy, Jr. and Pamela Ann Miras.

The Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition seeks to discover, encourage, and honor the cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience with fresh insight and artistic integrity. The works are narrative features that articulate Filipino identity and culture in digital format.  The competition is held in three categories, the New Breed Full Length Feature, Short Feature and the Directors Showcase.

Cinemalaya 2014, which will be marking its tenth year this year, will be held on August 1-10 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Ayala Cinemas at TriNoma, Greenbelt 3 and Alabang Town Center. It is a project of the Cinemalaya Foundation, Inc., in partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).  Cinemalaya includes film exhibitions, seminars, conference, the Cinemalaya Forum Series, and other film-related events. 

For more information, please visit www.culturalcenter.gov.ph, www.cinemalaya.org and the CCP facebook page.


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